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Friday, December 11, 2015

5 Most Reason Why You Failed in Your Business

Not all Pinoy Entrepreneur was Successful on their business some are continue, some are quit, and some are finding possible solution the reason of their failure,, We know that failure is the beginning of your success, if you learn from it and take an immediate solution,

But what is the common reason of your failure?
here are 5 most reason why you failed in your business

1. Offering Your Opportunity or Product to the Wrong People- Wrong people is the one who don't need your offer, or they are not ready to grab your offer and we are wasting our time to that people, facts you can't make a huge sales of burger Mcdo if you build your store on the mountain, No one can grab your opportunity if you Offer the How than The Why

2.They don't need your solution- Sometimes you forgotten the purpose of your product or offer, for what is the possible solution that can benefits of your customer or potential prospect, and one thing you should know is you need to qualify your customer if they fit to your offer

3.Lack of Learning and Action- Invest time and effort about learning, This is the motto Learn before You earn, but Learn and action is the best formula

4. Your Real Product is your Customer Learn How to get in Touch- We as Entrepreneur we understand that we need to study and learn about our products but sometimes we misconception about learning,In fact that our real products is your potential customer or prospect, learn what they need, learn their WHY and learn what is their motivation

5.Focus on Earnings or Money- Obviously we as entrepreneur we are doing business because we need money but in the reality money is always follow if you focus on building your customer, build up your self as you are the solution that they need as brand person then money was follow, so focus on building your business than chasing money

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

3 keys Element you need in Your Online or Offline business

3 keys Element you need in Your Online business

There's a lot of Pinoy Entreprenuer Searching about effective strategy for their business to be successfully but

Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Secret Word that used How To attract Prospect/customer/client/buyer/

This is it as i promise but first let me to take a review from my recent blog about Paano nga ba mapapalapit ang  Prospect/customer/client/buyer/ sa offer mo, just remember put yourself first in their shoes or ilagay mo ang sarili mo as  Prospect/customer/client/buyer/ ano ba yung gustong gusto na nakikita mo para ikaw mismo yung lumapit sa offer na yun, actually this word has a magnet and effective to use in terms of marketing strategy

So eto na this word are always trending in any community or in any business out there online or offline they always use

Nagulat ka ba? nagtaka ka ba? bakit ang word na yan ay very attractive sa  Prospect/customer/client/buyer/ kahit sino gustong gusto nang  Free di ba? and if you used it with right concept you'll never failed again 
This is your start up to explore that word how to promote your any business out there even online or offline, you must learn how, and when is the right timing, to used it, always remember most of people hate business advertising that pop up in their face like flyers, advertise with hype, so you need the right product to fit to your  Prospect/customer/client/buyer/  that you can give by free with your product selling or opportunity offer

If you are selling liquor you may use "Free taste"
if you are offering business "Free Seminar with top earner"
if you are selling houses use "Free tripping with free food"
so it is up to you how to use FREE words in your offer But take note just make sure that you will give it as free totally then play the 10:5 ratio out of 10, 5 was interested 3 was buy or join 2 was active and consistent Prospect/customer/client/buyer/ and that was your passive income

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Limang Sikreto nang pagiging Consistency sa iyong goal or target (kapanatilihan)

When doing something with GOAL or TARGET especially kung long term ito, Kung napapansin mo sa simula ang galing, ang ganda nang nagagawa natin but habang tumatagal lalo na kung nararanasan na natin yung failure and rejection then start all over again dun tayo nakakaranas nang para bang nakakapagod na "start all over again" para bang ayaw mo nang ituloy ang nasimulan mo, kapag yan na ang naramdaman mo at dinidikta nang utak mo doon ay mawawala ka na sa focus mo about sa GOAL or TARGET mo how can we fight for this? 

All you need is to be consistent, why being consistent? because the reward of being consistent are HUGE and its may start as being unstoppable

So eto yung limang sikreto nang pagiging Consistent

1. keep your eye on your WHY- para maging stay connected ka
on what you are doing today you have to have a clear vision what your trying to achieve and know why you wanna do it, dapat malinaw at specific ang WHY mo at dapat lagi mo itong nababantayan, if you feel down always look and remember your WHY, that is your real foundation, 

2.Pick one thing- We as being human we have a limited capacity when it comes to willpower and discipline,hindi mo

pwedeng pagsabayin ang pag quit nang paninigarilyo habang nag babawas ka nang sugar mo because the capacity of being human is limited, maaring magawa mo yung disiplina sa pag quit nang paninigarilyo but nakakaapekto naman pala sa sugar mo,... always take the first step or after you done just add another

3. Schedule it- Steven covey said "don't prioritize your schedule, Schedule your priorities" 
time is gold, sabi nga nang mga success entreprenuer be a part timer but with fulltime attitude, Schedule your priorities example: if you doing prospecting in 2 hours just focus it in 2 hours of prospecting doing, not anything, do only your 2 hours base on your schedule

4. Ignore Your Feelings - This is guarantee na meron ka talagang mararamdaman
eto yung tipo na para bang laging may bumubulong or naririnig ka sa sarili mo habang ginagawa mo ang isang activity "Hindi ko yata kaya ito" or minsan sasabihin nang isip natin na nakakatamad naman or pag nareject tayo sasabihin nang isip natin "ayaw ko nito" when we get attach on this  negative feelings or voices unti unti ka nang mawawala sa pagiging consistent mo, just ignore your feelings and continue on what you are doing and believing 

5. Catch the wagon (Miss The Opportunity)- This time may pagkakataon na may
mga lumalampas sa atin na napaka  importanteng event or opportunity or napakaimportanteng gawain na kung saan mas marami kang matutunan at mas magiging productivity ka or pwedeng mag create nang big results but minsan hindi mo ito sinasadya dahil sa kakulangan nang oras, wrong timing, or unexpected event and sometimes we focus on that failure to catch it, so in that case you can run and catch that wagon in any way if you think na that is a big help to achieve your GOAL or TARGET

Ano sa tingin mo? nakatulong ba sa yo ang Limang Sikreto nang pagiging Consistency na ito?
if you think na nakatulong sa yo ito just put a comment on comment box below....

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Paano ba palapitin ang Prospect/Client/Buyer/Customer sa yong business

Some of our pinoy Entrepreneur lalo na yung mga nasa MLM nagtatanong at nagtataka sila kung paano  nga ba na yung mismong Prospect/buyer/clients or customer ang kusang lalapit sa yo para sabihing how can i join? how much i pay? How do i get it?

This concept was a big ideas that blown your mind na pwede mong iaapply sa kahit anong business mo 

But first ilagay natin ang sarili natin as customer/buyer/customer/prospect ano yung pinakagustong gusto ko pag mamimili ako sa supermarket sa palengke? anong promo ang gustong gusto ko? ano yung pinaka gustong gusto ko in terms of buying something?

Naiisip mo na ba? this small word are always seek the eyes of  customer/buyer/customer/prospect and i know na very familiar ka dito, this is how they attract in your offer if you know how to apply this

Hindi mo lang ito napapansin because sometimes we are focusing on the company promoting, product promoting, chasing customer/buyer/customer/prospect at minsan pangungulit, 

kaya magtataka ka bakit kaya sila ang laki laki na nang kinikita samantalang ako wala pa pareho lang naman kami nang product, nang company, nang brand, hindi mo ba ito natanong sa sarili mo?

At mostly we always focusing on income (money), kaya naman yung marketing strategy mo ay naluluma na hindi na nagiging effective at minsan may mga hype pa tayong advertise like this 

Always remember this "people love to buy your product because you are the one who solve their needs, Problem" but sometimes it takes time because they want to know more about you not your offer kapag natutunan mo yan grabe ang magiging result mo sa business mo so i give you a screenshot of my old business opportunity online that i used attraction marketing how much i earn within 3 months 

So naiisip mo na ba kung anong word ang hinahanap hanap at gustong gusto na marinig at mabasa nang customer/buyer/customer/prospect mo na maging dahilan na maattract sila sa offer mo?  Nailagay mo na ba ang sarili mo as customer/buyer/customer/prospect? 

this is going to be awesome dahil sa susunod na blog ko ay irerevelead ko kung ano ang word na yun na sagot at pwedeng makapag attract nang customer/buyer/customer/prospect sa kung anumang Offer mo this word is world wide Trending in terms of selling, joining, buying interesado ka bang malaman? just comment below "i want to know more"

So if you have any idea pwede kang magcomment below but kung may mga tanong ka just comment below
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Here is the screen shot of my next blog

Friday, September 4, 2015

Limang Hakbang para Maprotektahan ka sa Magnanakaw nang PANGARAP

A dreamer
Naalala mo ba nung bata ka pa? punong puno ka nang mga pangarap na para bang abot kamay mo na ito, pero naalala mo rin ba ang mga taong nagsasabi sa yo nang mga salitang ito " hanggang dyan ka na lang " at meron pang nagsasabi na "mahirap mangarap nang sobrang taas kasi pag bumagsak masyadong masakit" naalala mo ba nung sabihin sa yo na "Ikaw wag ka ngang mabuhay sa ilusyon" eto yung mga taong dapat mong pagkaingatan dahil sila yung mga taong magnanakaw nang pangarap mo (dream stealer)
sila yung pwedeng maging dahilan para di maniwala sa mga pangarap mo, and now kapag nangyari yun nanakaw na nila ang pangarap mo, 

Now paano mo maprotektahan ang sarili mo sa magnanakaw nang pangarap mo??

Eto yung limang hakbang para maprotektahan ka sa mga Magnanakaw nang Pangarap mo (Dream stealer)

Find Your Real Dream- Yes find your Real
Dream make it achievable step by step by asking yourself " Kung maabot ko at matupad ang pangarap ko ano ang magiging impact nito sa buhay ko? ano ang magiging benepisyo nito sa sarili ko at sa mahal ko sa buhay? sino ba ang makikinabang kung matupad ko ang mga pangarap ko?

Wag Kang bibitaw (HOLD ON)- Wag na
wag mong hayaang kainin nang mga negatibong pagiisip ang isipan mo? wag mong hayaan na palitan nang mga negatibong pagiisip ang isipan mo dahil sa mga negtibong tao na hindi naniniwala sa yo at sa mga pangarap mo..

Ikwento mo ang pangarap mo (share your dreams)- Be selective piliin mo lang ang mga
taong pagkukwentuhan nang pangarap mo, sila dapat yung mga taong susuporta at naniniwala sa pangarap mo, at magbibigay sa yo nang motivation to push and pursue it dahil darating yung panahon na pag manghihina ka,  sila yung mga taong tutulong sa yo para muling maging malakas at ituloy ang mga pangarap mo,

Bantayan mo ang pangarap mo (Secure your dream)- In any dream you need to
understand the qualification on it, learn a new skills and knowledge,  explore it and apply it immediately, Always open your self to a new learning and always connected in your dreams, may mga taong pwedeng magsabi sa yo na "pangarap mo palang maging doctor eh di ka naman nagaaral nang pagka doctor"  "pangarap mo palang yumaman eh bakit di mo pinagaaralan kung paano ba yumaman"

Push or Pursue your DREAMS- We know
that getting our dreams is not easy so the failure was always there, kapag dumating ang failure sa buhay mo Just always think of it sarili lang natin ang pwedeng makakuha nang pangarap natin hindi ang kapatid mo, ang nanay mo , ang kaibigan mo, ang asawa mo, ang anak mo, if you  learn something new about getting your dreams apply it immediately, So be it and push it you are the creator of your own destiny, you are the creator of your real dreams, and you are the one who qualified yourself to achieve your dreams, quiter is the most failure person,

So be alert. There are dream stealers all around you and I. They may even be in your family. But do not allow them to steal the dream that, once achieved, will even bless the thieves who endeavoured to rob you of your life’s destiny.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Limang Point of View na Benefits Nang Attraction Marketing Strategy

First is What is attraction marketing? Base On google search Attraction marketing is a set of strategies used by entrepreneurs providing self-employment business opportunities, such as web- or home-based sales, to other entrepreneurs.

For me Attraction marketing is a strategy that your prospect/client/buyer/customer will ask to buy/join in your offer without chasing them

This is the most effective way of marketing

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Limang matinding dahilan kung bakit mas pinili nang maraming pinoy ang maging OFW

Lahat tayo bilang pinoy ay may mga pangarap, para sa pamilya sa mahal sa buhay at sa sarili, marami sa ating mga pinoy ay naniniwala sa masaya at masaganang pamilya but in reality kapag nangarap  ka nang masaya at masaganang pamilya laging nakakabit dito ang PERA (money) kapag nangarap ka nang magandang bahay at sariling lupa kasunod nito ay PERA dito sa pilipinas makukuha mo ang mga pangarap na yan kung nasa magandang kinalalagyan ang position mo sa trabaho, kung kumikita ka dito sa pinas nang 50 to 60k per month as being employee it means you are in higher position, but kung nasa edad 30 pataas ka na at pangkaraniwang empleyado ka pa mahihirapan ka nang maghanap nang trabaho dito sa pinas kaya naman maraming pinoy ang nakikipagsapalaran sa ibang bansa as OFW para maituloy nila ang nasimulan nilang pangarap nung nagtatarabaho pa sila dito sa pinas,..

Bakit nga ba pagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa ang posible na maging way out nang pinoy upang matupad ang pangarap nila para sa pamilya nila?

  • Unang dahilan mas mataas ang alok na
     pasweldo kumpara dito sa pinas kahit nasa mababang posisyon ka pa kung dito sa pinas ay kumikita ka nang minimum wage 10 to 12k monthly as ordinary employee sa ibang bansa pwede mong kitain ang 20k up to 60k with the same level as being ordinary employee compare dito sa pinas na hindi mo kailangan maging higher position to achieve that salary

  • Pangalawang dahilan most na
    pinupuntahan nang mga pinoy na bansa ay walang age discrimination kahit abutin ka pa nang 40 to 50 of age tatanggapin ka pa rin as employee as long na kaya mong magtrabaho

  • Pangatlong dahilan mas malaki ang value
    nang pera na sinsuweldo pagdating dito sa pinas dahil converted ito base on currency value 

  • Pangapat na dahilan mas malaki yung
    potential na benefits na bigay nang mga company such as incentive health care insurance etc...

  • Panglima Goverment benefits marami sa
    mayayamang bansa ay may mga magagandang benefits lalo na sa pagtanda kaya naman most of pinoy tinatarget nila ang maging legal na citizenship depende sa bansa na pinuntahan nila

Pero walang halaga ang mga yan kung wala silang pamilya or mahal sa buhay na pinaglalaanan na naandito sa pilipinas dahil marami sa ating mga pinoy na mas mahalaga ang kasiyahan  at magkaroon nang masaganang pamumuhay ang pamilya nila kaysa magkaroon nang maraming pera na wala  namang pamilya o mahal sa buhay na pinaglalaanan

Kaya naman hindi biro ang sakripisyo na paglayo nila sa pamilya nila para sa kinabukasan nito, Hindi biro ang mahome sick habang nagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa,

hindi biro ang umiiyak habang nagtatrabaho dahil sa homesick na nararamdaman mo

Ang tanging gusto lang nila ay matupad ang pangarap para sa mahal sa buhay, at maibigay ang masaganang buhay dahil likas sa ating mga pinoy ang kahalagahan nang mahal sa buhay mapa ina, anak, lolo,lola asawa, apo

Likas sa ating mga pinoy ang natural na pagmamahal na kahit gaano kalaki ang sakripisyo ay gagawin para sa minamahal

Kaya naman wag na wag mong sasalingin ang pinaghirapan nila dahil may paglalagyan ka talaga katulad nang bukas balik bayan box na ginawa nang bureu of customs (BOC) 

hindi mo masisi kung bakit nagalit ang mga OFW dahil in fact ang totoong  nilalaman nito ay mula sa pusong nagmamahal sa pamilya, ama, ina asawa anak, dugot pawis at malaking sakripisyo ang katumbas nang nilalaman nito at para sa kanila isa itong malaking sorpresa na regalo sa mahal sa buhay nila

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

7 secret truth reavealed bakit ang mayaman ay yumayaman at ang mahirap ay lalong naghihirap

Simula nung magkaisip ako at madiskubre ang pagiging mahirap lagi ko din tanong yan, i remember that time when i was at grade 1 to 6 ang tangi ko lang ilaw ay gasera para makapag aral sa bahay at makagawa nang mga assignments Laging tanong nang murang isipan ko ay "bakit kami mahirap" at doon unti unti nabuo  ang isang pangarap na magkaroon nang magandang buhay magandang bahay na may kuryente, at dito ako natuto maghanap nang kasagutan sa mga katanungan ko na yan 

Naalala ko pa noon na laging sinasabi nang nanay ko na

Friday, August 7, 2015

Apat na paraan kung Paano ba magkaroon nang Unlimited prospect/customer/buyer para sa Yong Business?

When i was In MLM this is the most and very crucial that we need to be consistent para mag grow ang MLM Business mo
Ang isang negosyo kahit ano pa man yan, kailangan natin magkaroon nang tuloy tuloy na customer/prospect/buyer dahil ang kasunod nito ay tuloy tuloy na income

But this is the Misconcept naman nang  mga nasa MLM industry or network marketing Most Of them they are Focus on Recruitment to Join poeple on their network marketing, and sometimes nagiging hype na ang dating nang approach mo sa kanila but remember this Kapag ang tao ay nag join sa yo it means they buy you for your service, for your guide, for your help in terms of the grow of their own business when people jon you in it means they agree to partnership with you 

And we know na nasa listahan nang propsect/buyer/customer ang sikreto para makapag generate ka nang malaking sales sa kung anong meron kang product, opportunity or any MLM,  bakit nga ba nasa listahan 

The logic was here, kapag ikaw ay nagpautang sa tindahan ano ang ginagawa mo? Una nililista mo yung name niya then yung nautang niya na tinda mo, pangalawa pag sobra na or due date na nang bayaran kailangan mo na siyang sabihan or ma remind na malapit nang mag over due date ang na- utang niya ngayon dahil naiilista mo ang name at product na nautang niya sa yo it means  ma-follow up mo siya na kailangan niyang bumalik sa tindahan mo para magbayad or after niyang magbayad at good payer siya mabibigayan mo pa siya nang especial offer na promo na meron ka at ang maganda pa nito pwede mo pa uli ito pautangin or paorderin nang product mo with special discount or promo which is result of your consistent customer/prospect/buyer equals passive income, continues income

Then balik tayo sa paano nga ba magkaroon nang Unlimited prospect/buyer/customer sa panahon natin ngayon marami nang pinoy ang exposed sa internet, sa social networking site like twitter, facebook, instagram, google etc.... it means dito ka pwedeng makapag generate nang unlimited prospect/buyer/customer so paano nga ba magkakaroon nang unlimited prospect

Una kailangan mo nang isang website na kung saan doon pinapaliwanag yung initial information about sa offer mo or about sa yo as a brand person look photo below

Pangalawa kailangan mo nang tools na gagamitin means software, etong software na to ay tutulong sa yo para siya na mismo yung gumawa nang listahan mo nang prospect/buyer/customer 

Pangatlo kailangan mo nang isang software na kung saan automated ang follow up system  nito sa prospect mo 24/7 it means kahit tulog ka pa it is working depende sa settings or set up mo at gusto mong Follow up sequence 

Pangapat kailangan mo nang taong mag mementor sa yo or mag gu-guide sa yo kung ano ang ethical at unethical way of marketing strategy if you want to know more about this system

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

lamang ang may alam Misconception of Duplication in Network Marketing

We know that duplication is a very important in network marketing, And eto din ang mag de-declare how much you earn, but in reality may tinatawag na misconception of duplication,

kung mapapansin mo Eto yung paulit ulit na maririnig mo sa mga B.O.M or business opportunity meeting presentation "copy business lang ito" "the more na magaling kang kumopya the more na pwedeng dumami ang grupo mo"

kaya naman maraming pinoy networker ngayon na pati yung pananamit nang idol nilang speaker or yung mga networker na may malalaking resulta ay kinokopya or ginagaya nila, pati kilos at pananalita,kulang na lang pati yung mukha nang taong pinag kokopyahan nila ay kopyahin din,

Minsan pa nga kahit hindi fit yung business suit na sinusuot nang sponsor nila pilit nila itong ifi-fit sa kanila

There's nothing bad on the way how they duplicate each other kahit maging magkamukha na kayo nang sponsor mo, but one thing you must to know and understand about duplication in network marketing,

People are not duplicable instead system is duplicable, people has own identity, uniqueness, and originality, meron silang iba't ibang kakayahan, kagustuhan, pangarap,

Because network marketing is people business but not as ordinary or common na people business, it is more on how you can help them to get where they want to be, what they want to be, and who they want to be in the future

 Kahit meron kang great tools that easily duplicate your system with your team, but you don't know your people, their dreams, their real why, how important their family, I guarantee you that your tools doesn't work and effective, especially kung ang tingin mo sa Network marketing is a Game of number,

Because your people has a name, not number 1, not number 2 not number 3 So the real duplication is a building good relationship with your people, with the tools that works for everyone who willing to learn, willing to do, willing to achieve their goal, the tools that works by means of leverage

Online training Course that teach you how to market and build a system in your present network marketing or MLM business by using Internet and run 24/7 automated, To know more about this 
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Thursday, July 2, 2015

3 Mahalagang Skills na kailangan mo Para maging effective na Networker

Lets Review first Ano ba ang common na tinuturo nang mga uplines natin kung ikaw ay nagsisimula pa lang na gawina ng network marketing business

1. Mag invite lang nang mag invite at bahala si upline sa pag present
2. Umattend nang mga trainings para mamotivate at eto ang lagi nating maririnig "tuloy tuloy lang hataw lang nang hataw matira yayaman"
3. mamigay nang mga flyers
4. 80 percent dapat daw ay nag iinvite ka at 20 mag acquire nang skills
sabi pa nang Upline yung skills na kailangan mo matutunan ay paano mo ipepresent ang business opportunity mo sa maraming tao, paano ka ba magkukumbinsi nang tao,

Ngayon kung gusto mong magawa nang tama ang negosyo mo kaylangan mo nang tamang training at tamang skills lalo na kung nagsisimula ka pa lang or bago ka pa lang sa network marketing industry...

The reality kahit anong business ang pasukin mo kailangan mong magaquire nang tamang skills at tamang training na magtutugma sa business opportunity mo

Kung Gusto mo talagang magkaroon nang resulta Eto yung 3 skills na kailangan mo matutunan nang husto.....

Saturday, June 27, 2015

3 easy step how to talk and build an initial Relationship to your prospect

First Of all i want you to think it before you talk to your prospect
kung ikaw yung prospect
ano ba ang una mong gustong malaman niya sa yo bago ka makinig sa ipapaliwanag niya about sa opportunity?
most of networker in traditional network marketing they always push the opportunity pero may iba naman na inaapply agad yung F.O.R.M (family,occupation,recreation,message) this is good if you talk to your prospect like that but most yung pinaka critical na laging nakakalimutan ay yung build a relationship with your prospect while talking

This is The 3 easy step how to talk and build an initial Relationship to your prospect 

Step 1-When you talked with me, I’d want you to LISTEN first and foremost, to find out what I really want. I’d need to feel you and I were simpatico. Eto yung pwedeng nasa isipan nang prospect mo
kapag kinausap mo siya about sa opportunity mo

kapag na feel nang prospect mo na kaya mo siya kinukwentuhan
nang opportunity ay para kumita ka, lalo na kung kakilala mo na siya
mahihirapan ka na mapa join mo yan sa network marketing mo
just make sure na mafeel ka nang prospect mo when you talk with them bakit? if your prospect feel that you concern about their needs or their want sa palagay mo makukuha mo ba ang tiwala niya sa yo?

Step 2- I would want you to make a very clear, short, compelling
case –based on what I’ve told you – as to why YOUR opportunity is better for me than all the competition. ang mga prospect mo ay mga taong busy, or mga taong may mga responsibilidad na dapat gawin yan, so meaning napakahalaga nang oras nila,
ipakita mo sa kanila na pinapahalagahan mo yung oras nila
so kung may gusto kang ikwento sa kanila about your opportunity
try to learn 20  minutes to 30 minutes

If you are in network marketing your target is to invite them in your business opportunity meeting

Then learn how to fit them your opportunity,
kung ang opportunity mo ay kailangan may 3 oras na panahon
para gawin ang business,then maraming kakilala, tapos business minded dapat

so that was your priority to fit them your opportunity always learn the reality in network marketing, it is not a simple as share and invite, and one thing dapat very competitive yung system na meron ka sa network marketing mo

Step 3- I would want a simple marketing system that’s inviting,informative,

non-threatening, educational, & fun.
always start sa basic, if you present your marketing plan, just be sure
na mabilis nila itong maintindihan, wag mo muna ipaliwanag yung lalim nang marekting plan mo macoconfuse lang yan pag di niya
ito naintindihan

very informative na kung saan may matutunan na bago yung prospect mo hindi lang sa opportunity mo in general category, halimbawa hindi niya alam yung Tagalog nang networking, tinagalog mo sa kanya na kwentuhan ito nang taong gustong dumami ang kakilala nila

so lumawak ang idea nya about sa networking,dapat makita rin niya sa yo na nag eenjoy ka sa ginagawa mo, at maipakita mo na maraming nabago sa yo dahil sa mga natutunan mo
sa netwok marketing,

you don't need na marunong kang magbasa nang isip nang prospect mo i feel mo lang kung ikaw ang nasa kalagayan niya na walang idea sa network marketing
ano ang pwede mong isipin dito,ano ang possibility na itatanong mo dito para makita niya sa yo na ikaw din ay nagsimula sa walang kaalam alam sa networking

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

5 Quick Tip To Create From Scratch to Big Time Negosyo

Most of Pinoy na gustong umasenso ay ang magkaroon nang sariling negosyo but in fact they don't know how to start or sometimes they are already start na but they stuck up on their present business and they don't know how to improve and how to convert it to have a passive income

Here is the quick tip that may help you how to start from scratch to big time negosyo

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ang Kwento Nang Pipe Line Sikreto sa isang Negosyo

As former Employee mindset napakahirap para sa akin magtransform to become entreprenuer but Eto yung hinding hindi ko malilimutan na story na kung saan nagbukas nang isipan ko sa mundo nang negosyo watch this video to learn more 

“Once upon a time there was this quaint little village.
It was a great place to live except for one problem.
The village had no water unless it rained.
To solve this problem once and for all,
the village elders asked contractors to submit bids
to deliver water to the village on a daily basis.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

4 Basic you need to considered and understand about the stability of MLM or Any Network Marketing company

Disclamer: The purpose of this article is to educate Filipinos to think twice and do thorough research before entering on MLM or Network Marketing. This is not to degrade the program but rather to help people not to lose their hard-earned money please do your own research is advantage

take note: Any Company that uses sponsoring or recruitment investment they are also use the concept Of MLM or Network Marketing system

Marami na ding pinoy ngayon ang nagbubukas nang isipan about MLM  (multi Level Marketing) at Network Marketing and most of us eh hindi natin alam yung step by step kung paano magsisimula pero bago yung pagsisimula dapat mas alam natin kung paano ba nagiging stable ang isang MLM company, dahil in reality lalo na kung baguhan ka palang sa industry na ito hindi ito yung get Quck and rich na pagsali mo yayaman ka kaagad but kung ikukumpara naman as Employee matatawag din itong get quick and rich Here is the equation para mas maging malinaw

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

5 Basic na Problema nang Pinoy Before makapag Start Nang Online Business

Maraming pinoy ang mga sumusubok gamitin ang Internet para sa kanilang business, at marami na ding pinoy ang kumikita gamit ang internet, But mostly merong common basic problem ang mga pinoy sa pagstart nang online business lalo na kung baguhan lang sila sa internet and most of pinoy ang nakaengage sa Facebook as of today,

Here's some of basic problem of pinoy about having online business

1. Mentor - eto yung taong kailangan mo para mag guide sa yo sa isang online business, kahit ukay ukay shop pa yan, networking, MLM or any direct selling pa yan kailangan mo pa rin nang taong mag ga-guide sa yo or magtuturo sa yo na expert na sa internet marketing  kung much bigger yung vision mo sa online business mo, 

2. Marketing skills - Kung sanay ka na sa pagmamarket or in short magaling ka nang magbenta nang product in traditional way or offline, much better dahil at least you have idea na kung paano mo ibebenta ang product mo thru online the problem is kung iaapply mo yung leverage sa online business mo, Ex. Nasa ukay ukay shop ka but you need more poeple to distribute your ukay ukay product  online, the problem is paano mo ituturo yung marketing skills mo sa mga new distibutor mo para mas mapabilis or mapalaki ang production selling output nang ukay ukay online shop mo or online business mo

3. Website about your online business - Because online or internet syempre dapat kailangan may website ka para dun sila tumingin nang mga product mo, but in terms of selling it is not typical na website ang kailangan mo dahil you need more customer it means dapat mamonitor mo rin kung sino sinong customer ang interesado sa product mo and in terms of selling may tinatawag na loyal customer eto yung mga customer na paulit ulit na bibili sa yo dahil sa loyalty nila sa iyo or sa quality nang product mo meaning sila yung pwedeng makapagbigay nang passive income sa online business mo and in fact 99% percent of visitor nang magiging website mo ay hindi na nila ito nababalikan so ano ang kailangan mo para mamonitor mo kung sino sino ang customer na interesado sa product mo at paano makakabalik sa website mo kahit matagal na itong hindi nakakapunta especially kung itong mga taong ito ay interesado sa product mo...That was a big Question because money is in the list

4. Unlimited Customer - It means Passive Income, it means more sales, it means your online business potential breakthrough, One of the most common problem of having online business nang pinoy is how to generate more potential customer/buyer/prospect/ na pwedeng bumili nang product mo, i give some ratio of number na pwedeng maging customer mo para bumili nang product mo even online or offline, 
ex. if you have 10 interested prospect customer pwedeng 5 of them ay bumili nang product mo, then 2 of them maging loyal customer mo same as network marketing or mlm 10 of them interesado 5 of them sasali sa yo 2 of them is active, but in reality that was a big ratio
so as i said Money is in the list meaning kahit anong negosyo meron ka kailangan mo nang listahan nang mga taong interesado sa product mo or listahan nang mga customer mo na naginquiry sa yo para mafollow up mo in the next few days....

5. System that works for your Online Business - System means Leverage, means eto yung pwede mong magamit sa internet para maging fully automated ang online business mo para maleverage ang business mo but in fact bago ka makagawa nang sarili mong system it takes a lot of time at panahon bago mo ito madevelop or maperpect means you need more skills how to market your online business as internet marketer, kahit anong dami nang pera mo kung hindi mo alam ang maging isang internet marketer hindi hindi mo maapply sa online ang business mo nang tama,

If you want a system for your Online Business that works 24/7 sa internet
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Saturday, January 3, 2015

What Is Leverage

Leverage is a way to make your life easier...
like a car, kung maglalakad ka lang
papunta sa lugar na dapat ay priority nang oras mo
mas maraming oras ang maiibigay mo na panahon sa paglalakad
kumpara sa pupuntahan mong lugar na dapat ay mas maraming
oras ang dapat mong ibigay dito

but kung may sasakyan ka mas napapadali nito ang pagpunta mo
sa lugar na priority nang oras at panahon mo

meaning ang LEVERAGE mas mapapagaan or mapapadali ang gagawin mo
kung may tools kang gagamitin dito na hindi lang ikaw yung nagtatrabaho
or kung gagamit ka nang maraming magtatrabaho para mas mapadali at
mapabilis ang pag gawa sa isang bagay,

How to accelerate your income by using LEVERAGE?

Here's the reality how like Lucio tan made an accelerate income
by using LEVERAGE

this is what we called the power of singleness
-Employee  earning php10,000 per month
-basic formula                     
1 year = 12 months
php10,000 x 12 months
total earnings in one year
php120,000 per year
if you work for 40 years
your total earning is
4.8 million

40 years in the making plus your age when starting your work
ilang taon ka na kaya?
and do you think nakaipon ka kaya niyan?

Eto naman yung ginamit ni LUCIO TAN by using LEVERAGING INCOME
Nag hired si LUCIO TAN nang 60,000 na employee
-they are working for 8 hours per day
-the basic formula was hours per day x number of employee who work for him
8 hours x 60,000 employee = 480,000 hours
assuming 10 pesos ang kita ni Lucio tan per hours sa mga employee niya
480,000 hours x 10 pesos
total earning in 1 day is 4.8 million

as employee kailangan mo nang 40 years para kumita nang 4.8 million
as LEVERAGE in just 1 day pwede kang kumita nang 4.8 million

but alam mo ba na doing LEVERAGE is not easy like you thinking now
especially kung ikaw yung tipo nang tao na takot sa
malaking risk in term of investment pagdating sa business at lalo na kung ikaw yung taong walang kasing laki nang pang invest katulad ni Lucio Tan because big fish versus big fish ang labanan sa traditional way of business

But there's a hope if you have a little money to invest in some business out there, just get to know first if there are some leverage system that apply in their business online or offline  

in the world of business there is always failure, rejection, discouragement
but if you pay the price to get what you want in the world of business

lahat nang dinanas mo ay bayad yan, remember this is a long term solution
for accelerating your income, once you started just finish it
Different methods of income generation require different frames
of mind, different technical skills, and different educational paths

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