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Friday, December 11, 2015

5 Most Reason Why You Failed in Your Business

Not all Pinoy Entrepreneur was Successful on their business some are continue, some are quit, and some are finding possible solution the reason of their failure,, We know that failure is the beginning of your success, if you learn from it and take an immediate solution,

But what is the common reason of your failure?
here are 5 most reason why you failed in your business

1. Offering Your Opportunity or Product to the Wrong People- Wrong people is the one who don't need your offer, or they are not ready to grab your offer and we are wasting our time to that people, facts you can't make a huge sales of burger Mcdo if you build your store on the mountain, No one can grab your opportunity if you Offer the How than The Why

2.They don't need your solution- Sometimes you forgotten the purpose of your product or offer, for what is the possible solution that can benefits of your customer or potential prospect, and one thing you should know is you need to qualify your customer if they fit to your offer

3.Lack of Learning and Action- Invest time and effort about learning, This is the motto Learn before You earn, but Learn and action is the best formula

4. Your Real Product is your Customer Learn How to get in Touch- We as Entrepreneur we understand that we need to study and learn about our products but sometimes we misconception about learning,In fact that our real products is your potential customer or prospect, learn what they need, learn their WHY and learn what is their motivation

5.Focus on Earnings or Money- Obviously we as entrepreneur we are doing business because we need money but in the reality money is always follow if you focus on building your customer, build up your self as you are the solution that they need as brand person then money was follow, so focus on building your business than chasing money

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