Online And Traditional Business: 01/03/15

Saturday, January 3, 2015

What Is Leverage

Leverage is a way to make your life easier...
like a car, kung maglalakad ka lang
papunta sa lugar na dapat ay priority nang oras mo
mas maraming oras ang maiibigay mo na panahon sa paglalakad
kumpara sa pupuntahan mong lugar na dapat ay mas maraming
oras ang dapat mong ibigay dito

but kung may sasakyan ka mas napapadali nito ang pagpunta mo
sa lugar na priority nang oras at panahon mo

meaning ang LEVERAGE mas mapapagaan or mapapadali ang gagawin mo
kung may tools kang gagamitin dito na hindi lang ikaw yung nagtatrabaho
or kung gagamit ka nang maraming magtatrabaho para mas mapadali at
mapabilis ang pag gawa sa isang bagay,

How to accelerate your income by using LEVERAGE?

Here's the reality how like Lucio tan made an accelerate income
by using LEVERAGE

this is what we called the power of singleness
-Employee  earning php10,000 per month
-basic formula                     
1 year = 12 months
php10,000 x 12 months
total earnings in one year
php120,000 per year
if you work for 40 years
your total earning is
4.8 million

40 years in the making plus your age when starting your work
ilang taon ka na kaya?
and do you think nakaipon ka kaya niyan?

Eto naman yung ginamit ni LUCIO TAN by using LEVERAGING INCOME
Nag hired si LUCIO TAN nang 60,000 na employee
-they are working for 8 hours per day
-the basic formula was hours per day x number of employee who work for him
8 hours x 60,000 employee = 480,000 hours
assuming 10 pesos ang kita ni Lucio tan per hours sa mga employee niya
480,000 hours x 10 pesos
total earning in 1 day is 4.8 million

as employee kailangan mo nang 40 years para kumita nang 4.8 million
as LEVERAGE in just 1 day pwede kang kumita nang 4.8 million

but alam mo ba na doing LEVERAGE is not easy like you thinking now
especially kung ikaw yung tipo nang tao na takot sa
malaking risk in term of investment pagdating sa business at lalo na kung ikaw yung taong walang kasing laki nang pang invest katulad ni Lucio Tan because big fish versus big fish ang labanan sa traditional way of business

But there's a hope if you have a little money to invest in some business out there, just get to know first if there are some leverage system that apply in their business online or offline  

in the world of business there is always failure, rejection, discouragement
but if you pay the price to get what you want in the world of business

lahat nang dinanas mo ay bayad yan, remember this is a long term solution
for accelerating your income, once you started just finish it
Different methods of income generation require different frames
of mind, different technical skills, and different educational paths

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