Online And Traditional Business: December 2014

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The 8 Pillar To Your System To Successfully Plug in your Business and Become Automated

First pillar
Mentor- This is the person (internet marketer) who guide you, and teach you base on their experience from failure to success and base on their learning curve, with great result on what industry is also they invest money to get high quality as value giver like Robert Kiyosaki

Second pillar
Providing Effective And Proven Tools-this is your critical pillar in your system,this tools require work 24/7 to leverage your business, a wise business men took a tools that leverage their business with unlimited time or 24/7 and low cost of money compare to hire someone who leverage their business with high compensate which have limited time only
There are 3 great tools that you need to your business and available here-->Your 3 Great tools

Third Pillar
Providing Effective Training Material- Which generated a successful person in terms of Financial, education, knowledge, professionalism, and also comfortable for newbie See -->HERE<--

Fourth Pillar
Specific Instruction-Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, and so on and so forth.

Fifth Pillar
Community- Binubuo ito nang isang malaking grupo or team that can interact each other 24/7 and share some valuable things that may help to your business

Sixth PIllar
Room or Webinar- this is another concept of seminar which is very comfortable to your group or team nasa bahay ka lang makakaatend ka na, because all you have to do is sitback and watch online and you may interact by chatting or by using mic pag may Question and answer portion na, so meaning webinar is most accesible around the world because you will use the power of internet communication compare to seminar (offline)

Seven Pillar
high commision- Company paid you as commision if you generate sales on their product,and another source of panggalaw para sa team mo or para sa improvement nang business mo or another source of income kung empleyado ka

Eight Pillar
HIgh Value for Free - Magkaiba ang System at Product, you may offer free your system but you may offer with price value your product

Remember Free info from google doesn't pay you instead you need to pay them to get the full info you need
Para kang kumuha nang libreng tubig sa balong malalim na kung saan maraming oras ang masasayang bago mo ito inumin
kailangan mo nang timba, tali, para makakuha then for asurance of highquality you need to refined at make sure na hindi ito harmful sa kalusugan mo, free from bacteria and any viruses unlike kung bibili
ka nang tubig from reputable Producer and refinary like wilkins,after mong bumili all you have to do is ilagay sa
water dispenser mo at inumin so it takes short time to fullfill what you need and safe from harmful and geting your desire result,

And that was your great 8 Pillar To Your System To Successfully Plug in your Business and Become Automated

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How Affiliate Marketing Help your Business Become Visibility To Your Customer, Prospect, Buyer, Or Client

Maraming mga pinoy ang patuloy na naghahanap nang solution para mas maging visible sa maraming mga buyer, prospect or client ang business nila at karamihan na sa ating mga pinoy ay gumagamit na nang internet dahil nakita nila yung potential na pwedeng maging customer sa business nila,

But many of pinoy have misconception about this, akala natin kapag nagpost na tayo sa facebook natin
magiging visible na yung business natin sa kanila, remember your facebook profile is for interaction with other poeple making good friends,
that is one of many example