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Saturday, September 3, 2016

4 Important Basic Component That You Should Know When it Comes on facebook Marketing

As Pinoy Entrepreneur We always find where is the place to market our product or opportunity which is accessible by common Filipino  or by many people with great and good community Online access and then we found no other than is Facebook

But what is the 4 important basic Component That You Should know When it comes of facebook Marketing

here is it

1. facebook Account- your Facebook Account is the best way to get connection with other poeple all over the world and you can get communicate with them, since in terms of business the common that we always do is to get communicate with your prospect/buyer/customer, but actually your facebook account is being made to provide you to get connection to other poeple as being become friends or build a relationship,

2. Fan page- fan page is design to help you to reach the people with same interest depends on your fan page category, one of the powerful button that you need is LIKE button to enable to reach your customer/prospect to update, about your post, activity, or any promo that you have in your fan page

3. Group pages- This component of Facebook is rarely used by all of people, why? because you can build a group team with private settings or you can build your own community with same interest as you have, you can make a conversation with like minded people, what ever category it is

4. Fan Page Notes- this is new form of creating document and it looks like Blogging inside on facebook, you can write an article regard on your target base reader, you can write some valuable information to your reader in facebook

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