Online And Traditional Business: 10/11/15

Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Secret Word that used How To attract Prospect/customer/client/buyer/

This is it as i promise but first let me to take a review from my recent blog about Paano nga ba mapapalapit ang  Prospect/customer/client/buyer/ sa offer mo, just remember put yourself first in their shoes or ilagay mo ang sarili mo as  Prospect/customer/client/buyer/ ano ba yung gustong gusto na nakikita mo para ikaw mismo yung lumapit sa offer na yun, actually this word has a magnet and effective to use in terms of marketing strategy

So eto na this word are always trending in any community or in any business out there online or offline they always use

Nagulat ka ba? nagtaka ka ba? bakit ang word na yan ay very attractive sa  Prospect/customer/client/buyer/ kahit sino gustong gusto nang  Free di ba? and if you used it with right concept you'll never failed again 
This is your start up to explore that word how to promote your any business out there even online or offline, you must learn how, and when is the right timing, to used it, always remember most of people hate business advertising that pop up in their face like flyers, advertise with hype, so you need the right product to fit to your  Prospect/customer/client/buyer/  that you can give by free with your product selling or opportunity offer

If you are selling liquor you may use "Free taste"
if you are offering business "Free Seminar with top earner"
if you are selling houses use "Free tripping with free food"
so it is up to you how to use FREE words in your offer But take note just make sure that you will give it as free totally then play the 10:5 ratio out of 10, 5 was interested 3 was buy or join 2 was active and consistent Prospect/customer/client/buyer/ and that was your passive income

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